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The California Party of Principle - Libertarian Party of California

Learn how we're defending the individual from government overreach and join us to change politics as the largest affiliate of the Libertarian Party.

Liberty News and Information:

Tenth Amendment Center

Welcome to the TAC, your 10th Amendment resource! Education, history, and activism in support of the Constitution of the Founders and Ratifiers.

Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

Ron Paul Institute promotes non-interventionism

Lew Rockwell


Mises Institute

With the help of our extraordinary supporters, the Mises Institute is the world's leading supporter of the ideas of liberty and the Austrian School of economics.

The Scott Horton Show

Libertarian foreign policy, mostly...

Libertarian Foreign Policy, News & Education | The Libertarian Institute

Whatever it is, we're against it. News, views and really good podcasts. Join Scott Horton, Sheldon Richman, Pete Quinones and many more for the libertarian perspective.

Podcasts and Videocasts:


Lions of Liberty

The Greatest libertarian variety show on Earth! Interviews, roundtables, pop culture, comedy and criminal justice all in one libertarian podcast.

Libertarian Los Angeles on Spotify

Libertarian Los Angeles is a new podcast hosted by region 64 representative Shawn Osborne that will focus on libertarian issues in Los Angeles county along with state politics. There will also be interviews with libertarians from around the country talking about how they are helping to move the libertarian movement forward on a local level to help spread good ideas.

On the premiere episode, a local business owner talks about what it is like to open up a restaurant in California and in Los Angeles county pre-COVID, and now during the lockdowns. Angela McArdle chair of the Los Angeles county Libertarian party was the second guest. Angela talked about the ways libertarians can help fight government overreach and mandates.

Libertarian Los Angeles, is the third podcast from the "a progressive and a libertarian walk into a bar network" which includes "liberty blues" and the flag ship "A Progressive & A Libertarian Walk Into A Bar". The motto to that podcast is sometimes we agree sometimes we don't but we always drink beer. Check them all out wherever you listen to podcasts and share them with your friends as well.

The Ron Paul Liberty Report

The Liberty Report brings provocative opinion and analysis to the breaking issues affecting our lives and finances. It is live-cast on YouTube at 12pm ET (US) and is co-hosted by Daniel McAdams, who is the Executive Director of The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

The Tom Woods Show

Thomas E. Woods, Jr., is the 2019 winner of the Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award from the Austrian Economics Center in Vienna. He is a senior fellow of the Mises Institute and host of The Tom Woods Show, which releases a new episode every weekday.
March Meeting for Region 65 at Lazy Dog's in Downe...
Region 61(San Fernando Valley) Monthly Meeting


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