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Region 68 Meet Up Begins!

This region is always a tough one since it is the furthest eastern region in Los Angeles County. I know it's like twice as far traveling east as it is for us traveling west, but I still want to make sure you are all aware that we area going to start our monthly meet ups this month and that you know that everyone is invited. Since we are still in a state of government imposed lock down, we are going to be holding these meet ups at our house in La Verne California, until we can once again hold them at a local venue. Though space is limited, we are not anticipating a huge crowd. We are going to broadcast all our meetups on Zoom, so that we can offer remote participation for those not able to make it here for whatever reason. So save the date. The first one will be Thursday, September 24, 2020 starting at 7PM. Please refer to the event page for location and more information. Thanks! 

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Region 65 Meetup of September 2020


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