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Pepper Tree Seasonings Claimed

Las Vegas, NV, United States

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Add Some Spice To Your Life. You Deserve It!

Do you appreciate great-quality food? Do you wish you could always eat dinner as if you were at a four-star restaurant, but without having to get dressed up and spend a small fortune? Do you wish you knew how to cook in a way that would make your friends and family tell the world what an amazing chef you are? Let Pepper Tree Seasonings show you how you can create gourmet-quality meals at home and on a budget.

We have a very intuitive way of approaching food. We are not chefs; we are flavor designers. I am an architect by trade and my sister is in management and PR, so our lifestyles truly match those of “everyday people.” We have the same concerns, the same desires, and the same love of delicious food that most people do.

This is us!


Our methodology for formulating these amazing, unique spice blends is to use a design approach. It’s all about creating the experience of great food. The flavors of the spice blends have to complement the natural flavors of the meat to create a heightened taste experience like nothing you have ever experienced before.

There is a narrative behind every seasoning. The rich and bold flavor combinations of our Ain’t No Bull Beef Seasoning are based on the idea of dining like a king with a feast so delectable that the serfs next door can only dream of partaking. The flavors build slowly like an ocean swell and glide back gently, making way for your various side dishes, then return for the next swell of flavor.

Our Hog Wild Pork Seasoning, on the other hand, starts off with a mild kick to the taste buds that gives way to the sweet and tender flavor of the pork. It is the perfect accent for pork—a little wild but not overpowering.

And it’s not just about meat. There are many vegetarian uses for our seasoning blends. Whether you sprinkle our Hog Wild Seasoning over thick, delicious slabs of grilled zucchini or mix our Ain’t No Bull Seasoning with a little margarine and brush it over your corn, you’ll probably never have tasted anything so good and so original. That is what Pepper Tree Seasonings is all about.

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Pepper Tree Seasonings


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