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The Donation Link Is Now Working

As of July 11, 2020, the Donation Link on the LPLAC.us website is now working. There are three options. One option is a One-Time donation under $200.00. The second option is for a One-Time donation for $200.00 or more. The third option is for a recurring donation that allows you to choose, not only the amount, but the recurring time frame (i.e. once a week, once a month, once a quarter, etc...) 

There are also some great feature like optional dedication option that allows for donations to be dedicated to individuals, groups, organizations, etc... 

To donate, you can click on the donation link at the top of the page, the donate link in the main menu, or just click on the link below. Thank you for your consideration. 



Libertarian Party Los Angeles County Official Website
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