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LPLAC Resolution in Support of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

The Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County supports and defends the right of individuals to protect themselves from acts of violence, whether from private citizens or government agencies. The right to bear arms is at the forefront of personal defense and must not be infringed.

We recognize the attempts by the corporate press and our governments to disarm us as a grave threat. We stand against their narratives and propaganda campaigns to demonize guns as the problem.

We reject the notion that the tool is the problem. A gun is an inanimate object and therefor cannot be itself the cause of a problem. It is the user that is responsible.

Considering the actions of our governments over the last couple years, we in the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County see it as more important now than ever to protect and defend the right of the people to keep and bear arms. 

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Tuesday, 05 July 2022