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LPLAC Resolution Against Nuclear War

Whereas the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County condemns all acts of aggression, including but not limited to, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, all sanctions, regime changes, the denial of free movement of refugees and foreign workers, any attempts to shut down or manipulate cryptocurrencies or seizing of assets, and the threat of nuclear war.

Whereas the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County stands with all people who wish to be free from any government tyranny and violence wherever they live.

Whereas we stand with people who are affected by their governments actions, or those of other governments, in manipulating their currency and taking away their ability to live.

Whereas we stand for the right of people to bear arms and protect themselves from aggression, both foreign and domestic.

Whereas we stand with those who protest against authoritarian governments and their acts of violence.

Whereas we recognize the right of refugees to flee war zones, whether they are citizens or foreign workers, all people should be given equal opportunity to find safety from war.

Be it it resolved that the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County stands with the people of the world in our despise of nuclear arms as they are genocidal and were created to harm and kill civilians, and their very existence is a threat to every innocent person on this Earth.
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Tuesday, 05 July 2022