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LPLAC Annual Convention is Sunday, July 24, 2022

Our annual convention of the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County is set for Sunday, July 24, 2022 in Burbank.  The amendments proposed at our LPLAC Executive Committee meeting are posted in the Resources section under Bylaws on this site.  To register to attend our convention you can link to  the Eventbrite sign-up from...

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LPLAC Resolution in Support of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

The Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County supports and defends the right of individuals to protect themselves from acts of violence, whether from private citizens or government agencies. The right to bear arms is at the forefront of personal defense and must not be infringed. We recognize the attempts by the corporate press and our governmen...

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LPLAC Resolution Against Nuclear War

Whereas the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County condemns all acts of aggression, including but not limited to, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, all sanctions, regime changes, the denial of free movement of refugees and foreign workers, any attempts to shut down or manipulate cryptocurrencies or seizing of assets, and the threat of nuclear war. ...

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It's Finally Here. Initiative to Overturn LA's Vaccine Mandate

Our initiative to repeal the city of Los Angeles' vaccine mandate was approved for circulation on February 3, 2022. Please download a copy, sign it, and share. ANTI MANDATE PETITION FAQ Q: Can I sign online? A. No. The petition is a formal, legal document. It must be signed in person and returned to the initiative proponents, just like the Newsom R...

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YES - We Are Filing An Initiative to Overturn LA's Vaccine Passport Law

 The Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County is filing an initiative to overturn Los Angeles' vaccine passport law. We plan to file on November 4th, the date the law is set to go into effect. As libertarians, we believe human beings have control over their bodies and that no one should be compelled to receive a shot or barred from engaging in ...

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End the Damn Wars! Rally for Peace on 9/11

The Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County is proud to host the Los Angeles End the Damn Wars Rally. "End the Damn Wars' is a post-partisan movement that was created in response to the upcoming 20th anniversary of 9/11 and the subsequent "War on Terror". We are demanding President Joe Biden not only keep good on his promise to remove troops from A...

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Rally for Medical Freedom

We oppose vaccine passports in Los Angeles. Please join us for a rally at Los Angeles City Hall this Friday at 12pm.

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LPLAC Resolution Opposing LA's Ordinance Regarding Proof of Vaccination

We, the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County, oppose Los Angeles City Council members Nury Martinez' and Mitch O'Farrell's proposed ordinance to require proof of vaccination in order for people to enter indoor public spaces in Los Angeles. This proposal is a dehumanizing, gross violation of personal rights. We believe people have a right to...

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Free Britney Resolution Passed at LPLAC's Annual Convention

We, the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County, believe that freedom and self determination are inherent rights of all people. The conservatorship over Britney Spears is a flagrant violation of those inherent rights. We cannot stand idly by while Ms. Spear's individual liberties are restricted in this manner. We demand the courts review and abolis...

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LPLAC Resolution Against Vaccine Passports

The Libertarian Party of Los Angeles has passed the following resolution in opposition to vaccine passports. Whereas the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County believes that the implementation or other requirement of a "vaccine passport" would be an authoritarian and tyrannical aggression against the sovereignty and bodily autonomy and an infringe...

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Resolution Regarding Nikolas Wildstar

The following resolution regarding Nikolas Wildstar has been made by the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County: Whereas Nickolas Wildstar was unanimously nominated for governor by the Libertarian Party of California in 2018, and many members of the Libertarian Party voted for him;Whereas Nickolas Wildstar has demonstrated that he is a valuable me...

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We're Looking for Volunteers

Jokes aside, the LA County LP has a wonderful group of volunteers but we've grown so much during the past few months, that we're struggling to keep up. If you'd like to volunteer your time to help us create compelling, thoughtful content, please reach out at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Region 67 January 21, 2021 Meetup with Brian McWilliams

Enter your text here ... Brian McWilliams is a public relations professional, podcaster and comedian living in Los Angeles, CA. His passion and concern for liberty was realized during Ron Paul's 2008 campaign, which shed light on the troubling initiatives our government was embracing that infringed on the tenets that the United States was founded u...

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New Year, New Lockdowns?

 We've entered the new year with another round of political turmoil at the national level while things at the local level stay very much the same. Restaurants in LA County are still largely prohibited from seating customers. There is no little league. There are no concerts. Smiles are few and far between. The familiar phrase is, "So goes ...

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Save Los Angeles' Restaurants!

California restaurants are under constant attack by Eric Garcetti, the LA County Board of Supervisors, and Gavin Newsom. Please sign this petition and share it with your friends. We need to fight back against these bans on a local level before we can win at the state level. The fight for freedom starts with you! http://chng.it/BLzdxg7S

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Message from the LA County Libertarian Party Chair

 Los Angeles County libertarians have been on fire this year. Thank you to our executive committee and dedicated volunteers for putting in the time, effort and artistic and financial contributions to make a meaningful impact in our community this year. We've been front and center in local opposition to the lockdowns, showing up at ev...

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LPLAC Resolution -- Regarding Closure of LA County Restaurants to Outdoor Dining

The following resolution was passed over the past weekend by the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County on a vote by a majority of the Executive Committee.  The first two clauses are modified slightly from the Magna Carta, an important document from 1215, over 800 years ago now.  The third clause is from the Fifth Amendment (Bill of Righ...

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Why Libertarians Suggest NO on Measure J

 The Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County opposes Measure J, which would amend the County Charter to mandate that at least 10% of unrestricted general funds be used for alternatives to incarceration. While we strongly support criminal justice reform and condemn excessive incarceration, we do not support this measure's funding mandate. Becau...

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Reopen LA and Vote Libertarian Rally

Thank you to everyone who joined us in DTLA Saturday. Remember to stay in touch! We have monthly in-person and online social meetups, and our monthly business meeting is usually held the 4th Monday of every month at 8pm. If you want to get involved and help us plan events or just come to meet other libertarians, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Liberty Rally Saturday, Oct. 24th, at LA City Hall

 Join us this Saturday, October 24th, to promote the message of liberty and spread awareness about Jo Jorgensen's presidential campaign.

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