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Shawn Osborne
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Region 64 representative for Los Angeles county
Daniel Welby
Dan Welby
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I've been a musician since my mid teens and started teaching in my mid twenties. I've been living in Los Angeles since the end of 1999.

I was introduced to liberty and the libertarian ideas from Ron Paul in 2007-2008.

My wife and I own a music school in Canoga Park.
Angela McArdle
Chair of the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County
Angela McArdle is a real estate paralegal and legal document assistant, specializing in eviction defense and wrongful foreclosure litigation. She lives in Los Angeles, California. Angela is on the Board of Directors for the Mises Mambi Institute and the Liberty Institute of Freedom and Economics. Angela has been actively campaigning for liberty in Los Angeles since 2013, when she successfully opposed a Los Angeles City Council measure to ban food sharing with the homeless. She is a two time congressional candidate in California’s 34th District and Secretary of the Libertarian Party of California.
David Bowers
David is the current Chair of LPLAC's Region 65 and has been the Secretary of LPLAC since its re-organization after the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act became law in 2003.

Our Philosophy

Libertarian philosophy is rich and diverse. People of all economic, religious, and political backgrounds identify as libertarians. While there are many different schools of thought within the LP, we are united by our common belief in a society built upon voluntary interactions.

Our Values

Libertarians speak truth to power. We reject the authority of the state, and seek to preserve the dignity and autonomy of the individual. We defy the traditions of conventional politics, and stand against the corrupt duopoly that poisons American leadership.

Our Solution

Libertarians find themselves working together for meaningful change. From the environment, to education, to addressing poverty, libertarians propose revolutionary shifts in government policy that will improve the lives of citizens, while protecting them from state interference.

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Choose Liberty And Stand With Us In Freedom.

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The Non-Aggression Principle

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Come and work with us to make a positive change in your life and in the lives of other.
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