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Three Local Libertarians on November Ballot Positioned to Upset Entrenched Incumbents

Baron Bruno

Three local libertarians have made the November “Top Two” ballot in partisan races, by running write-in campaigns.  Baron Bruno is running for Assembly District 62, Westside LA around Marina Del Rey and Venice Beach.  Baron is a very energetic guy who has a lot of passion and some serious bling invested in his campaign.  He is facing an incumbent Democrat who is not very well liked, and a Republican who is not campaigning very hard.  Baron is going for it all and looks well-positioned to achieve a historic level of success.  Polls are not taken in a down ticket race, and chances are the incumbent is not taking the Bruno campaign very seriously.  Conditions are ripe for an upset.

Three Local Libertarians on November Ballot Positioned to Upset Entrenched Incumbents
On The Campaign Trail

Along with a team of dedicated, hardworking volunteers, Baron has recruited two hedgehogs for outreach to animal lovers, and as emblems of the libertarian philosophy of defensive non-aggression.  It is illegal to keep hedgehogs as pets in California, so this pair will be returned to their licensed exotic animal handler when not working for the campaign.  California’s “no hedgehogs as pets” rule is unlibertarian and makes little or no sense, a small example of one of the many over-reaching state regulations that Baron is working hard to change.  If you have never seen a hedgehog in person, they are incredibly cute and only slightly prickly, like many libertarians.  The Bruno campaign has demonstrated real creative fire and determination, of which the hedgehog promotion is just a single example.  Baron has also obtained video endorsements from both Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, that can be viewed at his campaign site,  Donations to Baron’s campaign will be put to good use!  He and his team are always up to something interesting.

Three Local Libertarians on November Ballot Positioned to Upset Entrenched Incumbents
Honor Mimi Robson
Three Local Libertarians on November Ballot Positioned to Upset Entrenched Incumbents
Ricardo Lara

Honor Mimi Robson is running as the best of only two choices in Senate District 33, against a Democratic incumbent backed (as usual) by big money interests.  As it happens, Mimi is also an animal lover and caretaker, but so far only of animals that do not require a state license.  Mimi is far better looking than her Democratic opponent Ricardo Lara, at least in this writer’s opinion.  Maybe Mr. Lara’s mother would disagree, although it’s hard to see how.  Judge for yourself.  But winning political campaigns and being a competent public servant is not all about good looks.  It is also about brains, and being able to relate honestly to your constituents.  Ms. Robson scores high in both those departments also, being a hard working engineer who pays taxes, when not running for State Senate.  If you get the chance to meet her in person, you’ll also be impressed with her persuasiveness, sincerity and charm.  She has all the assets needed to make a great state senator.  More important, she will advocate and support libertarian social policies as outlined on her fine campaign site:, and bring a fresh perspective to California politics.  Mimi needs volunteers and donations to get the word out.  Won’t you help her today?

Three Local Libertarians on November Ballot Positioned to Upset Entrenched Incumbents
Mike Everling

Mike Everling is running in for the seat in Assembly District 51, which includes areas to the North and East of central Los Angeles.  A retired businessman, Mike is running a low-key campaign.  He is not accepting donations, but is happy to put volunteers to work.  Unsurprisingly, he also faces an incumbent Democrat.  You can hardly exhale vaporizer mist in California without impinging on a Democrat, who will promptly set about to regulate you.  Although only about 47% of all Californians are registered to vote, and only about 21% are registered Democrats, that party controls California almost as handily as the Communist Party controls China.  There’s plenty of graft and corruption to go around.    Rest assured Mike has never received a penny of it.  He is a true man of the people, and a long-time libertarian community organizer.  Readers may be interested to know that it took only three votes for Mike to win a spot, because nobody else bothered to register as a candidate, beside the incumbent.  He could have won just by voting for himself.  Two other supporters discovered his secret campaign, and he won in a landslide.

Mike is an upstanding, hard working person with a deep appreciation for the effects of legislation on ordinary working people, and for the day-to-day concerns of people living in his District.  He will always stand for justice, fairness, and greater personal and economic freedom for all Californians.  Mike is not controlled by any special interest group, and will stand up for the people and the public interest.  Voters in the 51st have a real choice this November.

Boomer Shannon ran a noteworthy write-in campaign in the 49th Assembly District, back in the June primary, soliciting votes through the clever site  Alas, the local Republicans got wind of his campaign just prior to the filing deadline, and recruited a well known local politician to oppose him.  Boomer didn’t quite make it this time, but will run again.

All of the three Libertarian candidates who made it to the November would not be there without the recruiting efforts of Ted Brown, long-time activists and current Party Chair.   Every election year, Libertarians in open districts are likely to receive a call from him, urging a declaration of candidacy.  Thank goodness for that.