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RPI:”Five Democrat Votes Allow Trump’s Saudi Weapons Deal To Clear Senate”

Tyler Durden @ The Ron Paul Institute reports that 5 Democrat Senators joined with most Republicans to defeat a bill by Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Chris Murphy to stop US sales of high tech weapons to Saudi Arabia. Mr. Durden notes that 4 Republicans voted with most Democrats to block the sales, but the bill failed with 53 voting against it and 47 Senators supporting the ban on weapons sales.

Despite the failure, Politico notes that Paul and Murphy fared better on Tuesday than they did last year in a similar effort to block a Saudi arms sale under former President Barack Obama, thanks entirely to new Democratic supporters: it’s curious how ideology changes one’s outlook on lethal weaponry.

“Regardless of whether the number is 48 or 51 or 45” in favor of blocking the deals, Murphy told reporters before the vote, “this is an important message to the Saudis that we are all watching. And if they continue to target civilians and they continue to stop humanitarian aid from getting into Yemen, this vote will continue to go in the wrong direction for them.”

Paul said after the vote that he and Murphy would discuss possible future attempts to block Trump’s arms deals to Riyadh, warning that senators are growing more concerned about the civilian toll in a Yemen conflict that is pitting Saudi-backed government forces against rebel factions reportedly supported by Iran.

Full post by Tyler Durden @ Ron Paul Institute

Politico:”Rand Paul to tee up vote on blocking Trump’s Saudi arms deal”

Kentucky GOP Sen. Rand Paul is expected to offer legislation as soon as Wednesday that would block President Donald Trump’s $110 billion weapons sales to Saudi Arabia.

Paul’s planned bill disapproving of the arms deal, confirmed by a Senate source familiar with the timeline, comes as Trump completes the first leg of an overseas trip that began with a warm welcome from the Saudi royal family in Riyadh. Paul recently joined three Democrats in proposing to make future arms sales contingent on reining in Saudi military involvement in Yemen’s civil war, and he is likely to take advantage of a 1976 law that allows any senator to force a vote on halting overseas arms sales.

Full report @ Politico

Willful ignorance or propaganda?

Driving in to work this morning, I was listening to the local public radio station, KPCC. There was a conversation between two hosts about the on-going problems in the Middle East. It contained the usual pleasantries and platitudes before shifting to the involvement by Russia. Then the host said something very odd. She said that US officials simply don’t know what Russia is up to or what is motivating them. Seriously?! Can a radio host be that ignorant? Was this part of the administration’s propaganda war against our old adversary? You be the judge.

First of all, Russia and Syria have been allies for decades. Russia’s Material-Technical Support Point at Tartus, Syria, has been Russia’s naval base since leasing the space in 1971. Now, granted, it was the Soviet Union that leased the space on the Mediterranean coast from the Ba’athists, but the Ba’athists are still in power in Syria and Russia assumed control of the old Soviet military. Why Syria? The old name of the ruling political party might hold a clue. The Syrian wing of the Ba’ath Party used to be called the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party – Syria Region. Socialists do tend to flock together.

Second, and more importantly, this issue is about the flow of gas into Europe. Currently, Gazprom sells a massive amount of natural gas into Europe. They make good money doing so. It’s a safe bet that they’d like to continue the relationship. But, there’s a big deposit of gas off the coast of the Arabian Peninsula. The largest natural gas reservoir in the world – the South Pars/North Dome field in the Persian Gulf, is a resource shared by Qatar and Iran. We know about Iran. Most folks don’t know that Qatar hosts the US and British military presence in the region.

A few years ago there was talk of a new gas pipeline running through Iran and Iraq to Damascus … and then possibly onto Europe via LNG ports off the Syrian coast. Coincidentally enough, this was around the time when the Syrian civil war started.

Nevertheless, the Obama administration has ham-handedly tried to overthrow the Syrian government and usher in regime change in an area ill prepared to handle such a move. The Syrian government, facing such a massive threat turned to its ally in the Kremlin. That ally, the Russian President, made good on promises made and is now cleaning up the countryside of these pesky “rebels” that the US created out of local anti-government militias. Once these militias are gone, the Russians and the Syrians can focus on kicking the Islamic State out of Syria, stabilizing the Syrian countryside.

What I’m saying to you here is all common knowledge. It comes from major media sources. You just have to go looking for it. The US is involved with it’s allies in the Middle East to try to force out a regime that is blocking its plans to build a natural gas pipeline through Iran-Iraq-Syria so that it can compete with Russia for European customers.

THIS is the war in the Middle East that the left warned you about. It is very clearly a war over the control of the area’s natural resources. Yet the left is largely silent – or willfully ignorant.

Let’s at least tell the truth about what’s happening.

Not a single candidate for President of the US that is running on a “major” party ticket is saying these things. That should tell you something right there. The Democrats and the Republicans are heavily invested in this deal (especially the Clintons with their foundation), as well as propping up the House of Saud and continuing the free ride / scam that is the Petrodollar.

Let’s be the party that speaks truth to power. Let’s be the party that ends crazy foreign entanglements. Let’s finally separate the government from big business and stop being the big corporations’ enforcers overseas.

What say you?