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When All Else Fails… Adapt

A political landscape like no other… I keep hearing that over and over, but what does that mean? This is a year that has left the status quo in the dust. A fight exists between the perceived establishment and the wild card rebels. America is in a state of unrest with millennials, who have one of the oddest political makeups in recent history, and the previous generations, who had become adapted to a relatively static political environment. No one quite knows how to predict the outcome of this perfect storm.

But what is glaringly obvious is that now is a time to build a third party. This third party, to be exact. With muddled lines between the top two parties and the internal fights that are tearing apart coalitions under each umbrella, now is the time to build the Libertarian Party. It holds much of the values of each larger party without inclusion of the biased coercion of the seedy underbelly. We promote fiscal responsibility and social freedom… Less government and more individual choice. With the bloated, intrusive government we currently have, very few moderate Americans would argue with these concepts. These moderate Americans are the people who are re-registering in droves as “politically homeless” because the two major parties aren’t representing the people any longer.

The general vibe is that this is the year of ‪Hillary‬. Terrifying! Even for ‪Bernie‬ supporters. Word is, the ‪GOP‬ would rather sabotage ‪Trump‬ than support his candidacy. I’m happy to build a third party in this environment because it’s the time to build… But the sway towards ‪Libertarian‬ism will actually help Hillary (unless Bernie supporters also revolt). The first female ‪POTUS is slated to be this woman. After all these years and my whole life waiting for this moment. And it’s her. ‪But still, we build. Because revolutions are not won on the battlefield or in a split second. They are won, inch by inch, through the constant tug-of-war that takes place during times of chaos when people wake up to the truth and begin to move in one direction or another. It’s time we determine that direction.

Cruz’s departure from the race has caused a flurry of activity throughout the political world. Somehow, even though Cruz was intended to be the rebel candidate, he became the status quo, establishment candidate when Trump arrived and now we’re seeing a burst of activity on the Libertarian front. Headlines include such verbiage as, “Google Searches for ‘Libertarian Party’ Surge After Ted Cruz Drops Out” “Live Free or Trump” and “Libertarian Party Membership Applications Double After Trump Becomes Nominee.” All I have to say is, keep searching, keep signing up, get involved, and help us change politics! It’s time.

The best part is that we don’t have to agree on every issue. When you subscribe to a philosophy that doesn’t attempt to use coercion in order to impose one’s moral values on other people, you no longer need to seek complete agreement. You can have your values and I can have mine and we can coexist. And that’s okay. So let’s stop getting jerked around by people who don’t have our best interest at heart and let’s begin to rebuild America. Like I said, it’s time.

-Janine Kloss
Executive Director, Libertarian Party of California


While largely politically minded, Janine’s most recent efforts have been geared towards nonprofit work focused on cultural changes that will bring light to the connection between how we behave in our personal lives and what behaviors we accept from and expect from our political leaders. She is a colleague with the Foundation for Harmony and Prosperity (a nonprofit organization assembled to persuade people to act in concert with social principles that advance human happiness, harmony and prosperity), the Chairman and CEO for Vote LP Today (a general committee that supports the development of Libertarian candidates in California), and the Executive Director for the Libertarian Party of Sacramento County (a well-rounded, county-wide political party organization rooted in the Libertarian philosophy) as well as The Libertarian Party of California. She is passionate about working through communities in order to change the culture of local government and beyond.

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McAfee and Libertarian Party Appearances

Should the Libertarian Party be looking only at electable candidates,
or are colorful public figures like John McAfee good for the effort?

McAfee Runs For President under the LP Banner

McAfee Antivirus inventor John McAfee’s announcement that he will run for President as a Libertarian has sparked a lot of conversation in some large media properties. Many of the comments, interestingly enough seem to criticize the LP for being on the sidelines with guys like McAfee.

When poked, it is my experience that these detractors are largely not in the LP, but in the GOP and are just doing their routine sniping. It brings me to ask the question: Are we really sidelined when we run colorful characters in the LP?

Here are some posts regarding McAfee’s announcement and other sites useful for research: | | Wikipedia

Reason Article | Newsweek Article | Gizmodo Article

Even with all of this reading, at this moment I do not know much about the guy. I do not know if he would well represent the philosophy and spread it, but I do know something about how the LP operates, and “from the sidelines” is where the LP thrives for now.

The LP on the Game Field

The LP does operate from the sidelines. It seems to me that it is only allowed to exist because the powers that be, have to maintain an illusion of the principles encoded in the first and strongest constitution based on freedom ever written. It would have been easiest to simply outlaw the LP, and today that effort seems to be gaining traction under the guise of National Security but it has been hard to do and not get exposed. Instead they just change the rules of elections whenever there is a gain by any independent movement. By the rule of law, the sidelines is where the LP must play.

As I can foresee, it will be that way until one of two things happens:

1) We change our system to be more parliamentary in nature.

2) One of the corrupt so-called parties, falters in it’s ability to turn out even the tiny minority they need to keep their power and it collapses.

The first option is too foreign to people in the US and is not supported in the Constitution. Most people seem to agree with me thinking that this is not likely going to happen without a catastrophic crash of the economy and political structure.

The second option, however, is looming.  Both parties are ruled far from the voters and in controvert to the wishes of their base.  The Republicans are nearly defunct. This is especially obvious in states like California where they are no more than a zombie institution locally, and an ATM machine for the east coast masters of the party. They have been rigid and exclusive for decades, pushing out all who disobey. Goldwater scared the crap out of them.

The Democrats are far less rigid than the GOP keeping their leadership in place in a complex of winks and nods. Their structure is more tolerant of converse movement at the top as the base is allowed to move more or less on its own.  Control happens through less direct routes than in the GOP. But that same structure makes flexible makes them more prone to pieces breaking off on their own.

Political Change

The LP is on the sidelines and fighting the good fight. One day there will be a shake-up; likely shattering the GOP. At the same time an influence vacuum will form that will detach large pieces of the Democrat’s base as the people on top, fat with power, eschew the need to cater to the inconvenient. At this time, a new “team” will try and form to take the field.

Some think that this change is imminent in just two presidential cycles. I think that a Donald Trump could make it happen in one. One thing is for sure: A minority of people in the US are eligible to vote; a minority of the eligible bother to register; a minority of those registered go to the polls – and elections are won with tiny percentages of the population. The sham is actively falling apart… right now.

Success or Ruin

It will be after this time that the LP has it’s chance. People will be seeking “genuine” and “honest” representatives like people who are attracted to Bernie Sanders exemplify. If the LP has maintained their “pure” message the “kookiness of dissent” becomes “the wisdom of the people” and society will move forward toward freedom.

The other outcome that might happen is that we become a single party system officially. What is really scary is that this is our current trajectory as I see it. The GOP and Democrats are already shells for the same interests. Those interests have no want to have to keep paying twice the “cost of influence.” There will be a lot of pressure to keep the GOP extant but tiny as the token “minority party” institutionalized in the constitution and legislative processes.

Politics is About People

We are unprepared. The LP was at its strongest when radicals were out front and making noise.  Where is the Doctor Demento’s of the 21st century in the LP? Where is the Church of the Subgenius and the other such counter culture groups?McAfee and Libertarian Party Appearances

I can tell you. They were chased out by people who were afraid of statements like “peanut gallery” – suits, who following the examples of the dragon they once fought, took a page from the GOP vs. Goldwater and started purging the “unseemly” activists and “povertarians” from the party. In effect they chased out 90% of the party.

So, I would recommend that we embrace every colorful character that will sell the philosophy; that we “own” the sidelines with an excellent show. We need people like McAfee to fill the roles of the likes of Aaron Burr, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin. People with the courage to stand up are often people who have colorful pasts. People who know how to make waves do not learn that skill by having led an unassuming life. Look up George Washington’s early career for instance or Thomas Jefferson’s constant battle with solvency.

People Love the Circus, and Hate the Opera

We need showmen and risk takers, and men with views askew that highlight truth. We need people to look, to remember our name and the earnestness behind it. We need people who want to join in the circus that is an insurgent movement, we need to make it fun, and we need to make it effective in one thing: Winning people over to liberty and building our base. From that base, everything else naturally follows including elections.

If we do not do this duty; if good liberty loving people do not get on board and start making noise along with us; if they give into irrational fears of not getting elected; if we reject the unsightly or unseemly and lose their support: The fascists will immanentize their single party strategy and true liberty will be lost from its first and last vestige on Earth.


Several questions worthy of discussion are raised and I invite your comment: Is McAfee someone who will represent the philosophy? Do colorful people spoil the chances of the LP getting elected. Does the LP need to better embrace the strange? Can the LP be effective for liberty even when it does not take offices? I invite your comment!


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