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Message to Registered Libertarian Voters June 20, 2016

Message to Registered Libertarian Voters 6-20-16

Dear Fellow Libertarian,

This is a great time to be a Libertarian. Whether you’ve been registered Libertarian for 30 years or only 30 days, you know that this year, instead of getting the usual cold shoulder from the media, we are being noticed and called out as an alternative to the widely unpopular Republican and Democratic candidates.

The Libertarian candidate for President in 2016 is former Gov. GARY JOHNSON of New Mexico. His running mate is former Gov. BILL WELD of Massachusetts. This is one of the most experienced national tickets in U. S. history, and the media is taking notice. And the American people are taking notice. The amount of news coverage of the 2016 Libertarian ticket is unprecedented

Gary Johnson’s goal is to get into the presidential debates. He has to be in the polls to be considered, and a lot of polling agencies have started including him. He is at 10% to 12% in various polls, and just needs to be at 15% to be in the debates. If Gary Johnson can be on stage with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, it will be a game changer. The Libertarian alternative will finally be presented to a national TV audience!

You can see and hear Gary Johnson on Wednesday, June 22. He and Bill Weld will be on CNN for a prime-time town hall hosted by CNN anchor Chris Cuomo. The town hall will be at 9 p.m. ET (which is 6 p.m. Pacific time) from the Time Warner Center in New York City and will air on CNN, CNN International and CNN en Espanol, while also being live-streamed via CNNgo.

Cuomo and voters will ask questions of Johnson and Weld at the town hall, similar to those posed to the Democratic and Republican candidates during the primaries. This will be the 11th town hall hosted by CNN during this presidential election cycle – but the only one, perhaps, which truly represents YOUR views. Tune in…ask questions…make CNN realize that they need to include the Libertarians in all future town halls.

You can find more information about what Gary Johnson’s campaign is doing here:

Finally, we need you to help us support Gary Johnson and to build the Libertarian Party here in California at the same time. If ever a state needed the Libertarian alternative, it’s the great state of California.

Check out our web site at:


You can join the party as a dues-paying member. To do so, go to:


Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

For liberty,

Ted Brown
Chair, Libertarian Party of California

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Message from the Chair May 22, 2016

Message from the Chair 5-22-16

This is an exciting time for the Libertarian Party. As you have probably seen in various media outlets, there is great interest in our party’s presidential nominee unlike any we have seen before. Is it possible for the Republicans and Democrats to be on the verge of nominating such distasteful and unpopular candidates? It looks like it. That’s why there’s so much at stake at our upcoming national convention, May 26 to 30, in Orlando, Florida. California has the largest number of delegates, and we will be there in full force to select the LP candidates for president and vice-president. I expect there will be C-SPAN coverage, as there usually is, but also much more media on hand.

Back here in California, there are 9 Libertarian candidates on the June 7 primary ballot, and they all need your support (and the support of your families, friends, neighbors, entire towns, etc.) to win enough votes to be in the Top Two and move on to the November general election. The candidates are:

  • U. S. Senator – Gail Lightfoot
  • U. S. Senator – Mark Matthew Herd
  • U. S. Representative, 9th District – Alex Appleby of Stockton
  • U. S. Representative, 17th District – Kennita Watson of Palo Alto
  • State Senator, 13th District – John Webster of San Jose
  • State Assembly, 8th District – Janice Bonser of Carmichael
  • State Assembly, 24th District – John Inks of Mountain View
  • State Assembly, 35th District – Dominic Rubini of San Luis Obispo
  • State Assembly, 42nd District – Jeff Hewitt of Calimesa

But we have another chance to place candidates on the November ballot. 16 districts have only one candidate, meaning that the incumbents are unopposed. That means that a write-in candidate can become one of the Top Two, and we have recruited Libertarian write-in candidates in 10 of the 16 districts. It’s very important to write in these candidates. If any of them receive more write-in votes than any other write-in candidate, he or she is in the Top Two and moves on to November as a regular candidate who is printed on the ballot. And it looks like some of them are the only write-in candidates in their respective districts! Please support these candidates by writing them in if you are eligible to do so. It could make all the difference.

  • State Senator, 33rd District – Mimi Robson of Long Beach
  • State Assembly, 1st District – Donn Coenen of Nevada City
  • State Assembly, 2nd District – Kenneth Anton of Elk (Mendocino County)
  • State Assembly, 7th District – Janine Kloss of Sacramento
  • State Assembly, 49th District – Boomer Shannon of Temple City
  • State Assembly, 51st District – Mike Everling of Los Angeles
  • State Assembly, 62nd District – Baron Bruno of Venice
  • State Assembly, 70th District – John Hoop of Long Beach
  • State Assembly, 73rd District – Brandon Stevens of Aliso Viejo
  • State Assembly, 76th District – Clint Muhe of Carlsbad

In other news, Libertarians will be at some upcoming events to promote the cause of Liberty. On June 25-26, the Politicon conference will be held at the Pasadena Convention Center. This is the “unconventional political convention” which should draw politically-minded people from across the political spectrum. The Libertarian Party will have a large booth there. Come join us.

The California State Fair is coming up from July 8 to July 24 at the Cal Expo Fairgrounds in Sacramento. The Libertarian Party will have a booth at the fair, and this is a major undertaking that should bring our party and our views to the attention of tens of thousands of fair attendees. Volunteers are needed for any and all of those dates, at all times of the day and evening. Contact Mark Hinkle at to volunteer.

We have had a small party office in Sacramento for several years, and this office is closing as of June 30. For now, our mailing address will remain the same. We expect to have another Northern California office in the near future. But the big news is that we have a new party office in Southern California that will open soon. The location is a small office building in Monrovia, a town two cities east of Pasadena. This is a great location, and we expect to have regular staffing. This will work out quite well for the upcoming campaign season.

Our party membership has grown slightly, but not nearly enough. So we will be engaged in more aggressive membership recruitment during the next few months. Not only should our former members re-join us now, but there are so many other Californians upset with their “choices” in the other parties, that we can expect to attract as well. To help with this effort, we will have an online newsletter starting up shortly, to be edited by Elizabeth Brierly of San Jose, who is also one of the editors of national LP News. You should see the first one in June.

To join or renew your membership, go to:


I will report to you again after the national convention. I expect that there will be a lot of good news coming out of that event, likely to be the largest convention in party history.

For liberty,
Ted Brown
Chair, Libertarian Party of California

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Message From the Chair April 7, 2016


The recent LPC state convention was an outstanding event, with good attendance and an exciting program. The presidential candidate forum drew a large audience to hear 10 Libertarian hopefuls vie for the top spot, to be decided at the LP national convention. This will be May 28 to 31 in Orlando, FL. The California delegation has some open spots, so let me know if you’d like to go to Orlando and be a delegate. The 2016 election is an important one for the LP, given the unpopularity of the Democratic and Republican candidates.

The media seems interested, too. Susan Shelley, a columnist for the L. A. Daily News, attended the candidate forum and wrote this positive online column, which will also appear in print Sunday, reaching possibly 1.2 million subscribers in several papers. Go to:

Convention speaker Lily Tang Williams held the rapt attention of attendees with her daunting tale of growing up in Communist China and finally finding freedom in the U.S., where she is now the LP’s Colorado Senate candidate. LP of Canada’s Tim Moen let us know what’s going on north of the border in the quest for liberty. And Assemblyman John Moore (L-Nevada) regaled us with stories of political intrigue he’s been privy to in the Nevada statehouse as the only elected Libertarian Assemblyman.

We heard from several California candidates as well. Nine Libertarians will be on the ballot in the June 7 primary, including two U. S. Senate candidates, Gail Lightfoot and Mark Matthew Herd. We’re also fielding two Congressional candidates, a State Senate candidate, and four State Assembly candidates. However, due to the restrictive Top Two law, it will be tough to stay on the ballot in November. Interestingly, In 14 districts, only one incumbent candidate filed. These smug politicians need to be opposed – by Libertarians. We can run some write-in candidates, which doesn’t cost anything, in the hopes that said candidate gets the most write-in votes, in which case he is one of the Top Two and goes on to the November ballot. You may be hearing from me to ask you to run, if you live in one of those districts.

Convention delegates made a few changes to the party platform, coming out in favor of ridesharing services and e-cigarettes and against “Common Core” educational requirements and raising the smoking age to 21. Delegates elected two new Executive Committee members, Susan Marie Weber (Palm Desert City Councilwoman) and Alex Appleby (congressional candidate from Stockton), to replace Jarrett Tilford and Emily Tilford, who didn’t seek re-election. New alternates are Wendy Hewitt and Starchild. Jeff Hewitt (Mayor of Calimesa) is California’s new representative to the Libertarian National Committee.

An exciting event is coming up in July: The California State Fair. The LPC will have a booth at this Sacramento fair, where 750,000 attendees are expected to pass by. This will be a great opportunity to promote the Libertarian cause. Volunteers are needed. Stay tuned for more details.

The LPC needs you. If your membership has expired, please re-join. We have a new $1,000 life membership category now, so if you want to avoid those pesky renewal notices every year, now is the time to sign up. You are also welcome to make a contribution to our party activities. Just go to our newly re-done website to do so:


For liberty,
Ted Brown
Chair, Libertarian Party of California

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Tooley:”When Soviet Totalitarians Became American Allies”

Three quarters of a century ago, on June 22, 1941, Nazi Germany launched Operation Barbarossa, an attack on the Soviet Union across a front 3,000 miles long. Barbarossa moved the war into its global stage. It prefigured the final alliance system. It moved the Final Solution to the industrial level of killing. It helped bring the United States into the war, and certainly opened the floodgates of “pre-Lend-Lease” from the United States to Stalin’s Russia. As Ralph Raico has pointed out, the presidential powers inherent in Lend-Lease amounted to one of the great expansions of power in American history. On this aspect, see Raico’s review essay on Justus Doenecke’s Storm on the Horizon, as well as Raico’s rethinking of FDR, in which addresses the character of Hopkins.

But apart from Raico, Doenecke, and other historians in the libertarian and Old Right revisionist tradition, and in spite of the enormous impact this single event has had on world history, what a bundle of historical misinformation and misunderstandings surround it! In essence, two totalitarians agreed to divide Europe. After nearly two years of relatively close cooperation in invasion, mass killing, deportations, and forced labor, the two great apostles of the state parted ways, largely because their long range territorial, strategic, and economic plans were mutually exclusive. They were both still totalitarians, both still mass murderers.

Yet this whole issue of Hitler and Stalin as two roads to the same total state had to wait, really, until the 1980s and early 1990s before any hint of historical comparisons reached the mainstream, meaning college textbooks, academe, popular history, etc. Even all those years later, even when specialists among mainstream historians knew very well that the research on Stalin portrayed a horrifying record, treatment of the Man of Steel in textbooks, in the news media almost always pulled punches.

The amazing thing is that during the Cold War, educated Americans could hold both images in their minds: “Uncle Joe” on the one hand, and the evil Cold War Stalin on the other. A truly Orwellian feat.
Full Commentary by T. Hunt Tooley on the Anniversary of the German invasion of Russia in 1941, @ The Mises Institute

Maas:”Former Associates of Rand Paul and Charles Koch Launch Non-interventionist Think Tank”

A team of libertarian and constitutionalist foreign policy experts have joined a team led by political activist Edward King in forming the Defense Priorities Foundation — a non-interventionist foreign policy think tank. King was the former national youth director for former Representative Ron Paul’s (R-Texas) 2012 presidential campaign and the COO of Concerned American Voters, a PAC that supported Senator Rand Paul’s (R-Ky.) failed 2016 Republican presidential campaign.

“We are just getting started,” King was quoted by Politico. “But one of the main things we want to accomplish is to expand the debate on foreign policy, which we think has been sorely lacking, especially for the last 10 or 15 years.”

“We are seeking support,” King continued, signaling out William P. Ruger, the new group’s senior advisor and foreign policy scholar, as “a tremendous asset.” Ruger, who is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, is the vice president of research and policy at the Charles Koch Institute.

Visitors to the Defense Priorities Foundation’s website are greeted by a bold headline that summarizes the new group’s goals: “A Strong Military to Ensure Security, Stability, and Peace.” The foundation’s mission statement reads:

To inform citizens, thought leaders, and policy makers of the importance of a strong, dynamic military — used more judiciously to protect America’s narrowly defined national interests — and promote a realistic grand strategy prioritizing restraint, diplomacy, and free trade to ensure American security.

Full article by Warren Maas @ The New American