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LP We are peaceful box-2

We are peaceful.

LP We are peaceful. (A)

Libertarians affirm the non-aggression principle. We are anti-war, and do not believe peace or freedom may be achieved through coercion.

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LP We value freedom box (Q)

We value freedom.

LP We value freedom. (A)

Ours is a philosophy of individual liberty. We support the rights of every person to live however they choose, so long as they don’t hurt anyone. We believe the state should not interfere in matters of personal choice.

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LP We are inclusive box (Q)

We are inclusive.

LP We are inclusive. (A)

Libertarian philosophy is rich and diverse. People of all economic, religious, and political backgrounds identify as libertarians. While there are many different schools of thought within the LP, we are united by our common belief in a society built upon voluntary interactions.

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LP We are compassionate. box (Q)

We are compassionate.

LP We are compassionate. (A)

Libertarians find themselves working together for meaningful social change. From the environment, to education, to addressing poverty, libertarians propose revolutionary shifts in government policy that will improve the lives of citizens, while protecting them from state interference.

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LP We are bold. box (Q)

We are bold.

LP We are bold. (A)

Libertarians speak truth to power. We reject the authority of the state, and seek to preserve the dignity and autonomy of the individual. We defy the traditions of conventional politics, and stand against the corrupt duopoly that poisons American leadership.

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LP Libertarian bottombox (Q)

We need you.

Our movement is built on the hard work and passion of dedicated activists like you. We are fighting to change the face of American politics forever… and your voice can make a difference.

If you can envision a society at peace, one that defends the rights of all citizens equally, we welcome you to:


LP Liberartarian (A)


Together, we can fight for real change here in Los Angeles County. Come to a local meetup, and get involved!